Why an English Haiku Contest

IMG_0819Thank you for visiting our Haiku contest page.  We are Japanese high school students in the Clark International Course in Osaka, Japan. We study English at school an average of 20 hours a week. From May to June of the 2015 school year (the first semester of the Japanese school year), we studied a kind of traditional Japanese poetry called Tanka with students at the Martin Luther Christian University in Meghalaya.  We sent the students at MLCU Tanka by email and then discussed the Tanka using this Lino chat board.  Tanka is traditional Japanese poetry that has five lines of 5,7,5,7,7 syllables.  This is an example of a Japanese Tanka:


十二色                   ju u ni sho ku

クレパスで描く    ku re pa su de e ga ku

風景は                  fu u ke i wa

君の帽子と           ki mi no bo shi to

空だけが青           so ra da ke ga a o


This is how we translated it into English:


I use 12 color

pastel crayons to draw

a landscape

in which only your hat

and the sky are blue

—Amano Kei

After we studied Tanka, we wanted to tell more people about Japanese culture.  That is why we are having a Haiku Writing Contest.  Haiku is very short Japanese poetry.  We think it is fascinating. To learn more about Haiku, please visit the Haiku in Japanese page. If you are interested in entering our contest, please read the rules and then enter your poem into contest here.


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